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If you are looking for indoor soccer balls for your home or gym, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this guide to help you choose between several brands and models. We’ll look at the Select Numero 10 and Brillant Super, as well as the Senda Rio’s Low-Bounce Futsal Ball.

Select Numero 10

Select Numero 10 indoor soccer balls are the premier training and match balls. They feature upgraded features, including golf dimple PU material and neoprene foam. These features create a ball that’s more durable and provides pinpoint accuracy. Also, these balls are made in Denmark and are sold at Soccer Ball Experts.

This ball is available in three sizes. The size 1 is a great choice for beginners, while the size 3 is perfect for juniors and older children. Both sizes are designed to increase control. Of course, size 5 is for older children and adults.

Spectrum’s Brillant Super

The Spectrum’s Brillant Super indoor soccer ball is made with high visibility features. This ball is scarlet/white in color and weighs 1.8 kg. The microfiber composite cover offers a soft feel, and the suede finish provides a no-scuff surface. Also, its color allows for easy visibility for players and goalkeepers.

Senda Vitoria Match Futsal Ball

The Senda Vitoria Match Futsa Ball is a new type of ball with a DuoTech construction that blends the durability of stitching with the performance of bonded balls. But this feature allows for maximum control and performance. The DuoTech cover also helps keep the ball close to the ground and provides improved playability on hard surfaces. Also, the DuoTech cover helps develop technical skills by improving the ball’s traction on the ground.

The Senda Vitoria Match Futsa Ball features a textured cover for superior grip, patented DuoTech construction and premium bladder for improved air retention. It has been endorsed by top professional players and is a partner of U.S. Youth Futsal and the World Futsal Championship.